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Ing. Miroslav Kovács

During my working life I have always been a wine maker. Wine has impressed me since my youth. It was symbol of society, friendship and soul mates.  I could see that after wine tasting it’s common to sing, dance, laugh, meditate and think. So everything was decided in my case. I will be a wine maker…

In 1994-1999 I studied and successfully finished my studies at Mendel University of Brno, Faculty of Horticulture, my field of study was Processing of horticultural products in Lednica na Morave. My major was in viniculture, of course.

Viniculture Kovacs in my life

I already worked with wine during my studies at university. First this was as an individual, from 1994 to 1997, in the leadership of company Vinařství Kovacs s.r.o, which I established. The company Vinařství Kovacs is based on the concept and philosophy of producing high quality bottled wines which are focus maximally on originality. Thanks to this, Vinařství Kovacs was formed as a viniculture with clear direction. The quality of wines was increasing and the wines were winning important awards at international wine competitions; also the wines were becoming more and more popular among the customers, and all of this happened thanks to my own experiences and investments in new, advanced technologies for the production of wine. This caused growing of the company Vinařství Kovacs. First we started with production of 10 000 bottles of wine per year and step by step the production of wine increased to a production of 200 000 bottles of premium wine per year.

A very important moment in my work career was working with a vineyard. First I was buying the grapes from honest and stable planters of vineyards. In 2001 I decided to plant my own vineyards, which I established in 2002. We planted 100 000 young bushes on 20 hectares and step by step I bought also older vineyards. The total number of bushes stabilized at 150 000 bushes across 35 hectares.

Vineyards have become my love. I really enjoy to spend my free time in vineyards and I could observe how well a vineyward is going in harmony with nature and climate conditions. After the time spent in a vineyard, a wine maker is able to understand that vineyards are a base for production of nice wine. Working with land, plants, determining the right way to treat bushes in fighting against disease and determining the right date to harvest the grapes are all very important.  It is a nice job, a nice experience.

One day I realised that the size of the company was not suited for me. The volume and the size of our viniculture began to restrict me in my profession. I had to spend a lot of time performing different activities, different than working with wine and the vineyard. That’s why I decided to make a radical decision. I decided to quit my activity in the Vinařství Kovacs company, to sell this company and to establish a new small family viniculture based on my knowledge. It was a successful and now I’m speaking to you as the owner of company Vino Jarmila, a small family vineyard. Together with my wife, we returned to the period when we produced less wine and had more time just for wine, customers and our private life.

Chronological summary:

1994 – start of my wine business, start of my studies at Mendel University of Brno in Lednice
1997 – establishment of Vinařství Kovacs company
1999 – successfully completed studies at Mendel University of Brno in Lednice
2002 – start of wine business and planting of vineyards
2013 – sale of Vinařství Kovacs company and ending of my activities in Vinařství Kovacs company
2013 – establishment of Vino Jarmila company

Wine Jarmila in my life

And now we came to the Vino Jarmila company. This company became the last moment of my present experiences and knowledge. Vino Jarmila company was established in 2013 as my and my wife’s activity.Vino Jarmila is my wine for present and future...



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