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Genesis of the company

I (Miroslav Kovács), with my wife Jarmila, established Víno Jarmila company. It was established in 2013 as a small family viniculture. The main focus is based on our personal experiences, our knowledge and our skills in working with wine.

Philosophy of viniculture

We are doing our best to produce a wine.We want to delight, caress and heal body and soul through the wine. We see the wine as a gift, which should help to harmonise and create relationships among the people, make you happy, bring a smile on your face, make a good mood, good feeling of happiness and peace. We see the wine as a gift of nature. We give time, energy, love and patience to the wine and don’t take away from the wine anything which is created by nature; we are trying to keep it by soft and sensitive work. This is our philosophy, our imagination, and our desire in connection with wine…

Location of viniculture, wine cellars and technologies

Our viniculture and wine cellars are located in Dolne Dunajovice. In 2014, we managed the reconstruction of old wine cellars in order to save wine in containers and bottles. Part of the original area includes a wine shop which is for wine tasting and for its subsequent purchase. In newly built areas, which are directly connected with the old wine cellars, there are areas suitable for grape processing, bottling and labeling of wines. The size of manufacturing and storage spaces is set up for production of a maximum 40 thousand bottles.

In wine production we work with modern sparing technologies. We give importance to careful processing of grapes, wines and pumping of cider, on sensitive fermentation of young wines and we ensure good conditions for growth, ripening and harmonization of wines.



Kostelní 621
691 85 Dolní Dunajovice
IN: 02158191
TAX ID: CZ02158191

Ing. Miroslav Kovács

mobil: 775 127 730

Jarmila Kovácsová

mobil: 775 127 731