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Terms and conditions of sale

1. Ordering

Dear Customers,
We can deliver wine ordered as you wish, to your home or to a company. We accept electronic, telephone or written orders. Our confirmation of your order is always necessary. We can deliver your order within 2 to 5 working days after you receive our confirmation. Our company Vino Jarmila cooperates with the logistics company TOPTRANS, which provides a delivery service in the whole Czech Republic for us.

If you place an order, the transport price is always paid by the receiver upon receipt of delivery, which is based on current price list of TOPTRANS company .

Availability of items will be confirmed based on your order request. A customer orders items on the basis of our offer list, fills in the order form correctly and sends us the order. The sent product order is the suggestion for conclusion of a purchase contract.

  • Order confirmation
    After you place an order we will send you confirmation to your e-mail address immediately or we will confirm it by telephone.
  • Order receiving
    Phone: 775127730, 775127731
    Correspondence: Víno Jarmila s.r.o., Kostelní 621, 691 85 Dolní Dunajovice
  • Size of the order
    The number of ordered pieces is determined based on the item packaging and it is always equal to a multiple of the number 6, without a limit in the total number. Bottles are carefully packed and protected against breakage.

2. Order cancellation

Customer and supplier can cancel the customer’s order without giving a reason until the supplier’s order confirmation. If the supplier cancels the order, he usually gives the reason why it is not possible to confirm the order. Order cancellation after conclusion of the purchase contract is possible just by agreement between the supplier and customer and on condition that they negotiate with each other.

3. Items sending

If the order should be sent by the logistics company, you must have conclusion of the purchase contract and as well it is also necessary to have the obligatory order confirmation from the supplier.
An automatically generated electronic confirmation of receipt of order to the supplier’s system or a telephone order confirmation by supplier is not an obligatory order confirmation, rather it is an electronically sent confirmation which should be understood that „the status of the order changed“, when supplier and customer confirm the order. The moment of confirmation is conclusion of the purchase contract.

  • Time frame for delivery
    Ordered items will be sent on the basis of availability and operating supplier’s options in as short time as possible by the logistic company TOPTRANS or by another shipper, usually within 2 to 5 working days from the obligatory order confirmation. The customer is informed in case that the time frame for delivery will be longer. Items are considered as delivered by delivery to the address which the customer wrote on the order.
  • The method of delivery
    Delivery to the chosen address is organized by the supplier, to the Czech republic. The cost of shipping depends on the method of delivery. The customer can choose the specific method of delivery  The current price list is shown in the section „delivery“ or in the section „cart“.
  • The method of payment
    The customer pays the purchase price for items in cash on delivery at the place of delivery through the logistics company, or by payment card before the items are delivered or by bank transfer before the items are delivered. Delivery always includes a tax voucher and a delivery note.
  • Taking delivery
    The customer is required to check the goods immediately upon receipt. If mechanical damage to the product’s packaging is identified, the customer is required to check the product together with participation of the courier, and in case of damage the customer is required to file a report about the product’s damage and have the delivery company confirm it. An appropriate discount or a new product will be provided to the customer on the basis of the report. In such case, the customer also has the right to cancel the contract. By signing the delivery note, the customer agrees with taking delivery and confirms that the goods were delivered without damage. We will not consider later complaints and they will be rejected.

4. Guarantee conditions and claims

  • Claims
    If it is obvious that the box with delivery is damaged, do not accept it. We will solve correct claims immediately to make you satisfied. In case of groundless claims, the customer is not entitled to compensation of costs connected with solving the claims.  At the same time also, the supplier is not entitled for compensation of costs if the problem occurred on its own side (so long as, for example, the customer did not make repeated groundless complaints, in which case it is obvious that it is about abusing consumer’s rights).
  • Complaints resolution
    Supplier or producer will consider approval of a complaint, and after consideration will contact the customer about the way of solving the complaint by either telephone or e-mail. The period of the complaints resolution is within 30 days according to law number 634/1992 Civil Code.

5. Rescission of the contract

  • Customer’s rights of rescission
    The customer is entitled to rescind the contract contract in case that the supplier did not abide by the contractual conditions of delivery. The customer who does not buy goods within the scope of own merchandising or other business activity is entitled to rescind the contract within 14 days to be counted from the day of receiving the item in accordance with law section § 53, clause 7 and § 54 of the Civil code
  • Supplier’s rights of rescission
    Supplier is entitled to rescind the contract just until the moment of dispatching the item and only in case of unavailability or in the case of a bigger change in the item‘s price. Before rescision of the contract the supplier is entitled to contact the customer in order to make agreement about the subsequent process.
  • Process in case of rescission of the contract
    In regard to the fact that contract is immediately cancelled after rescission of the contract, the supplier is entitled to give back or refund all consideration and items to the customer, or customer to the supplier.
    The customer can rescind the contract in case he/she will tell this fact to the supplier by e-mail or by written correspondance to the supplier’s address. In such case it is necessary to include the order number and provide the original receipt of purchase.
    If the customer already received and took over the item, he/she can send it back to the supplier’s address and there the supplier will consider condition of the returned item.
    An item which is sent back to the supplier must be in unused condition, undamaged, complete (with accessories and all provided documents including the purchase receipt). In case that the item is given back in a condition different to its unused condition, the customer is obliged to pay all costs in connection with repairing the item to its original condition and damage to the item. Payment of these costs is necessary because the purchase price of the item is decreased because of the costs and damage.
    If the customer will fulfill the conditions above for rescission of the contract, the supplier will refund the price paid or part of it within 30 days after returning the item. The supplier will give the money back after the customer’s signing of a credit note.

6. Final provisions

These terms and conditions are valid for all of the purchase contracts entered into between a supplier and a customer. The supplier reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions.



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